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EV-Series Roots Blower

EV Roots Blower Series

     EV series 3-lobe roots blowers are researched and developed on a basis of RSS series. The biggest feature of this blower is high rotation speed (the maximum can be 4000RPM)¡Bhigh capacity. With the breakthrough of technology and the modification of practical application, EV series blowers have higher efficiency¡Bhigher pressure¡Blower weight and other features. The inlet sizes are from 2.5”to 12”.The pressure of single blower can be 1 Kgf/cm2.  


EV series features :  

High efficiency
Great linear structure, reduce sectional area of rotors to improve capacity of blowers.
Low vibration
High grade of balance accuracy (G2.5) can control the vibration of X¡BY¡BZ coordinate.
Low loss of pressure
180 degrees vertical structure between inlet and outlet, reduce its pressure loss of blowers.
High vacuum
The vacuum of single EV blower can be -500mmHg, and the two-stage EV blower can be -650mmHg.
Operating principle :  
¡´ Blower Working Principle
    Roots blower is a cubage blower, discharge airflow scale to the blower’s speed. Every rotation, there is two lobes to finist three times absorbing and discharging air, compared with two lobes blower, the air is more smooth, smaller load change, higher strength, lower noise and vibration.
    Two parallel shafts have three lobes each, all the lobes keep small clearance with each and housing inside. Every lobes rotation, a certain air will be absorbed at inlet and transferred form the housing inside surface to blower’s discharge port.
    Two shafts will be turned by the timing gears, no any touching between lobes, so it can be turned at high speed without any lubrication inside. It has the following characteristics: simply configuration, running smoothly, and good performance stabilization. It has been applied for many fields.


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